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The Only Trusted Name in Jewellery and Ornaments.The first stone or brick was laid during the pre independence of India in 1940 by the Hands of most innovative craftsmanship and of high visionary Shri Tuganram Ji Poddar who brings a new revolution in the Jewellery industry.Since it’s beginning,the doors of Baldhan Jewellers gets wider day by day and one after another they are reaching new milestones. Baldhan Jewellers is the most prominent names in West Bengal,India and in Asia.They knows for it’s Creative Designs,sharp quality and stupendous carvings that brings a great charm and beauty in one’s character.Their work and excellence in craftsmanship has no competence and they runs where other’s can’t even walk.

Baldhan Jewellers have diverse kinds of ornaments and designs in Diamonds and in Solitaires that perfectly matches your any occasion and brings festive joy round the year.It is the most trusted name in Diamond Jewellery and anyone can have full faith for any kinds of products.For nearly more than 80 years, Baldhan Jewellers is growing unstoppable and their name is is the only guarantee or assurance for their products

“The diamond glitter or shines more when Baldhan Jewellers badge is on it.Like Diamonds Baldhan Jewellers is also not getting old.”

Why chose us?

Creative Design

We Uniquely Make your Diamonds more extravagant with the hands of our expertise and perfectly carvings which makes anyone glow like Diamonds.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Ages of Experience gives you full satisfaction and guarantee towards our products.Not a single thread of hair glitch anyone finds in our diamonds.We gives full assurance and guarantee for your money.

Online Support 24/7

We are ready to receive your Queries or Call round the clock and throughout the year.Just drop your Queries at contact@baldhanjewellers.com

What do we do?

We at Baldhan Jewellers Manufactured the highest Quality of Diamonds and Solitaires and Designs the most unique Jewellery for you.Our Precious Designs and Quality of Service that owes your heart and makes you feel delighted with our works.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to reach whole Asia by 2030 and to every neighbouring countries and established the name of Baldhan Jewellers overseas.Maintain the same Quality and Service which we deliver to our customers from past 8 Decades.

History Of Us

Founded by Great Shri Tuganram Ji poddar in 1940 and still the counting continues.With our great efforts and exceptional Quality of Service, Baldhan Jewellers name is still young and enlightens remarkably in the Jewellery and Ornaments Industry.

Baldhan Jewellers Pvt Ltd

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